The 8th day…


Aaah, I feel poetic!

Hmm yes, yes!
Today a pinnacle of new horizons in
MY existence.
I release whatever’s not tied to my destiny,
and embrace what’s divinely BEST for me.
A new sun, a new spirit, a new righteous me living ANEW… again.

Smiles befall my every breath;
sadness no longer plagues
the heart of my chest.

No fears, no worries as to the how and why.
I’m delivered into the hands of my Promised Land
whilst past Pharaohs are swallowed in TODAYS Sea and tide…
…of SELF-forgiveness!

I run forward with total disregard to footprints,
for they are the last steps of where I came from…
not the glory to which I’m headed.

Too easy to recall and “reminisce”
on past hurts, failures and loves that missed.
What good are they now? Just heart images I drew in the sand,
washed away like comparing me back THEN, to the me I am now…
a “has been”.

With hands lifted up in total surrender, a simple gesture to say….
“I surrender what’s not like you” and accept your divine grace.
Oh how he cleansed me, washed me anew… of the wretch I became,
that my fruit would be a savor… bringing glory to his name
I cry tears of joy, as a creature of his use,
amazed how he uses me to work on his kingdom like a tool.
I’ll be your Black n Decker! Hammer, screw and drill away,
till I’m used up, worked up and paid up for Christ’s causes,
all my 7 days.

8 is the new beginning, when 7 is complete.
6 was man created with 5 fingers 4 handling the work of 3.
The Father, the Son and Holy Spirit, given 2 me…

1 brothas first day on the job… of the rest of his LIFE.